The History:

The Ball Cemetery began as a family cemetery. William “Rattlesnake” Pete Liddiard is buried.


The Haunting:

Ghostly figures have been observed, including the apparition of a male figure that can be “violent” with visitors. This apparition is reportedly responsible for causing bruises to cemetery visitors. A female apparition is also observed at Ball Cemetery and apparently this apparition will tug on clothing. Some people have heard her laughing.

People have observed tombstones falling down and then rising back up again on their own. Some have observed orbs and ectoplasmic mists.


PGI Observations:

The cemetery at night is very very dark, and a bit scary, gives you chills. We heard the house on the path is a man that guards the cemetery and doesn't think before he acts, pulls out a shotgun full of rocksalts. But you can go to his house and ask him if you would like to investigate the cemetery.

Pictures of Ball CemeteryEdit

(this picture has a ghost orb spirit inside)

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