Located at 124 N. 20th St. in Omaha, NE.


The History:

This school was started in 1859.


The Haunting:

Cold spots have been noted while walking on the main floor between the deans office when school is not in session. Disembodied voices that are supposed to say something different depending upon the number of people in your group (Either, "I know you're here"...or "I know you're ALL here...."). Reports of a "white blur" that flies past people and heads to the deans office. A shadowy figure is said to, "wave at you" through the window. It is said that this is possibly, "a former dean or janitor" and that the ghost "sounds like a janitor because you might hear broom sweeps in the hallway". Speculation that the "ghost" is a dean comes from the waving-shadow-person-through-the-window paradigm.

Strange sounds of wheels moving on wooden floors as well as creaking have also been reported.


PGI Observations:

It was very dark at night, but I could've swore i've seen a shadow in the window.

Pictures of Central High SchoolEdit

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